Middle Georgia 2022

The front group in the Men's 1/2 race.

Summer decided to return for the Middle Georgia State University race in Macon. As is typical with fall in Georgia, one minute it’s winter, the next it’s back to summer. Macon would break the high record temperature with 85F for November 6. Racing was also hot at the Georgia Premier cross country (running) course. Racers love unique course features, and this course featured 3 of them. A huge sand pit at the end of the start chute slowed down the racers and provided some comic relief for spectators when someone would crash softly into the sand. The next was something similar to Dutch letters but done on the side of a pond dam. The final dismount was a set of 6 newly constructed Belgian stairs. In between were fast stretches of groomed cross country grass.

The Women’s Elite 1/2/3 field saw 6 racers brave the heat. Without the series leaders here, racing was completely open. Grace Anne Ogle and Kristin Reece (Nomad Cycling Service) burst from the line and went straight to the front. Grace Anne would take the lead early in the race, but after dropping a chain and loosing steam Kristin would catch and pass her. Kristin held on for the win in the Cat. 3. Laura Brayfield (FastAss Racing) was 2 nd with Ana Bailie (Bike Law Cycling Club) in 3 rd . Grace Anne won the 1-2 unopposed.

In the Men’s Cat. 1/2 a group of 4 riders formed by lap 3. With the fast and open conditions they were able to stay together much of the race. Small group or individuals were behind them, but none could catch the front group. Spectators enjoyed seeing the Elite Men ride through the sand and generally making it to the end. Preston Eye took the win, Nick Van Winkle (Paceline Project p/b LC Food) was 2 nd , and Dylan Ogle (Flicker Hub Bikes) was 3 rd .

G-L-A-M-O-R-OUS Laura Brayfield (FastAss Racing) shows off her "best side" during the single speed race.