Results for Across the Beeriers LaGrange and Battle at Brown’s Mill

Hello everyone. Thank you for your patience as we get a new GACX website up and running! For last weeks results you can go to the USAC results page for each event: Here is a link to the lap time results per race: Here is the 2023 GACX Season Standings:!AtfAN4dKLJxDibkm4AHNgsbrIcJ52A

Nash Farm 2019

Nash Farm 2019 A gorgeous day greeted racers at Nash Farm for the EPTC CX Classic, the 9th round of the Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing. Nash Farm is a historical venue with wide open fields and a great view of much of the course from the top of the hill. This […]

Elks Aidmore 2022

Elks Aidmore 2022 Mother Nature smiled upon Georgia Cross and did not dump 6” of rain at Elks Aidmore. Instead the sunny cool day helped lighten the mood and welcome in the 2022 cyclocross season. Promoter Jim Behning had a short course just in case of a monsoon, but instead, it proved to be very […]

Elks Aidmore 2021

Elks Aidmore 2021 Glorious weather! Just glorious! Some CX temperatures were present for the first race, but the temps and the racing soon heated up. Jim Behning had a fun course in store for the racers. The crick had a bridge over it to keep the endos from getting a bit too spectacular. There were […]

Elks Aidmore 2019

Elks Aidmore 2019 Elks Aidmore in Conyers was the first double race weekend for Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing. Saturday dawned sunny and eventually wound up sunny and hot. The Honey Badger course was run counter-clockwise. The bog was mainly ridable although many chose to run it. Rumors of some broken bike […]

Middle Georgia 2022

Middle Georgia 2022 The front group in the Men’s 1/2 race. Summer decided to return for the Middle Georgia State University race in Macon. As is typical with fall in Georgia, one minute it’s winter, the next it’s back to summer. Macon would break the high record temperature with 85F for November 6. Racing was […]

Psycho-Cross 2021

Psycho-Cross 2021 Psycho-Cross at the Dick Lane Velodrome was back—and it arrived with a squishy wet course after days of never ending rain, lots of costumes, many cowbells, more than a few slides down the painted surface of the track or elsewhere on the course, and so much fun! For the uninitiated, Psycho-Cross was a […]

Grant Park 2022

Grant Park 2022 70s and sunny, glorious 70s and sunny! After several years of temperatures near 90, Mother Nature gave cyclocross racers lovely weather at the Grant Park CX race. Once again, Brady Rogers made a course that had a little bit of everything-technical, off camber, climbing (a lot of this), Dutch letters on Heckle […]

Grant Park 2021

Grant Park 2021 The Grant Park CX Cup kicked off the 20th anniversary season for the 2021 Georgia Cross series. The race itself has reached iconic status with the 10th edition. The course did not disappoint—including being raced in reverse. The start was fast and on the easier portion of the course. Some fields managed […]

Grant Park 2019

Grant Park 2019 Someone summed up Grant Park saying “That was some epic stuff.” Indeed, it was! Grant Park is always one of the largest Bike Law Georgia Cyclocross Series p/b Perimeter Roofing races. Local shops and teams set up tents and spend the day partying, cheering, and racing. The weather guessers were correct with […]